An Inside View of the Tufts-CEVR CEA Registry Summer Fellowship

A Conversation with 2023 Fellowship Alumna, Divya Patil

Divya Patil, MS, completed our Tufts-CEVR CEA Registry Fellowship during the summer of 2023. At the conclusion of the fellowship, Divya joined CEVR as a Research Assistant. We sat down with her to learn about her experience.

Date: October 19, 2023

1. What motivated you to apply for the CEA Registry Summer Fellowship?

I applied for the CEA Registry Summer Fellowship because it felt like the perfect opportunity to dive into the data collection for the Registry and conduct original research. The chance to work closely with the CEVR team and gain hands-on experience in these areas was a motivating factor for me. It felt like the right blend of learning and contributing to something meaningful.

2. What did you learn during the fellowship?

Reviewing a large number of CEA papers made my understanding of CEA more profound. The weekly policy seminars also allowed me to learn about the latest trends in academia in a short period of time.

3. What did you enjoy most about the fellowship?

The best part was collaborating with other fellows for our research project. The consensus meetings to discuss the CEAs we were reviewing were also a highlight. Just chatting with my peers helped me increase my knowledge of CEA studies.

4. Tell us about the research project you did during the fellowship.

We conducted a systematic review using the CEA registry to explore trends in willingness-to-pay thresholds reported in CEA studies across the USA. Our specific focus was to compare these thresholds between non-rare and rare cancers. We conducted this project under the guidance of Dr. Peter Neumann and Patricia Synnott.

5. What advice would you give to authors of CEAs?

It's crucial for authors of CEAs to prioritize clear and transparent reporting in their studies. Providing a comprehensive study design, data sources, methods, and results would make it easier for readers to understand and help in practical application of their research findings.

6. What should people know about the CEA Registry?

The CEA Registry features an extensive database covering not just QALY studies but also DALY studies. Every piece of data in the registry undergoes thorough review and validation before being made available to users. It offers tailored and precise search capabilities, making it one of the best resources for anyone involved in Cost-Effectiveness Analysis research.

7. What would you say to graduate students who are thinking about applying to the fellowship?

Whether you're pursuing a Ph.D. or an M.S., or simply looking to enhance your career prospects, the CEA Registry Fellowship is a great platform. It offers a chance to develop a solid CEA foundation and opens doors to valuable experiences in the field of health economics.

An Inside View of the Tufts-CEVR CEA Registry Summer Fellowship

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