By becoming a CEVR sponsor, you support our work in health care value assessment while gaining access to valuable data, webinars, and attendance at our annual symposium.

Sponsor Benefits

Sponsors can download the entire contents of the internationally known Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (CEA) Registry, a comprehensive database containing detailed information on over 10,000 cost-effectiveness analyses (CEA) that quantify health benefits in terms of quality-adjusted life-years (QALYs) or disability-adjusted life-years (DALYs).

Sponsors also receive exclusive access to the Specialty Drug Evidence and Coverage (SPEC) Database. Launched in 2018, SPEC is the first of its kind data tool that provides unique insights into commercial health plan coverage of specialty drugs and products and into the evidence base that plans report reviewing when formulating their decisions.

Our data can help your organization understand:

  • Evidence of value for interventions in a disease or treatment area
  • Latest methods used to measure value
  • How commercial payers are covering important drug therapies
  • The rationale and the most influential factors for Medicare coverage decisions

Sponsorship Opportunities

Platinum sponsors receive:

  • Complete access to our CEA Registry, allowing sponsors to download all registry data and conduct analyses using any statistical software.
  • Participation in an annual training webinar covering database best practices.
  • Access to the SPEC online portal, a powerful search engine and reporting platform that facilitates investigation of this extensive database.
  • Receipt of the annual Tufts Medical Center Specialty Drug Coverage Trend Report, which analyzes specialty drug coverage decisions issued by commercial health plans and assesses factors that may influence future decisions.
  • Participation in CEVR’s Annual Methods, Policy, and Data symposium, which gathers top researchers, sponsors, and clinical leaders. Attendees can immerse themselves in CEVR’s leading-edge research and learn more about CEVR’s databases and forward-looking policy initiatives. Sponsorship includes invitations for up to six participants from your organization.
  • Priority access to CEVR researchers - Our researchers can conduct customized, fee-based analyses for your specific needs.
  • Annual fee: $60,000

Gold sponsors receive*:

  • Receive the same benefits as Platinum sponsors, except Gold sponsors may send one participant to the annual CEVR symposium.
  • Annual fee: $20,000

*Gold level sponsorship is limited to pharmaceutical and life sciences companies in the pre-clinical or clinical stages of product development that do not yet have an FDA approved product on the market.

Value Framework Training Workshop

  • Recent “value framework” initiatives by non-profit organizations and professional societies aim to evaluate medical therapies systematically. These frameworks have garnered attention in the media and in policy discussions.
  • CEVR offers an interactive, customizable, “deep dive”, half-day workshop to help participants understand how the frameworks affect your organization and how to navigate this landscape. The workshop starts with a concise overview of “value” in the U.S. context. The bulk of the workshop focuses on the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER), as it is the most influential value assessment organization in the U.S. Through lecture and case studies, participants gain a firm grasp of how ICER’s approach works, its conceptual limitations, how ICER panels use the framework, and how life sciences companies can maximize the influence of their input on this process.
  • Fee: $25,000

Government, Academic, and Non-Profit Sponsors

  • Non-commercial use of our CEA Registry data is available to individuals from government, academic, and/or non-profit organizations.
  • Annual fee: $7,500
  • Access to the online search portal for the SPEC database is available to individuals from academic organizations for non-commercial use. 
  • Annual fee: $7,500

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