CEVR Appoints New Experts to CEA Registry Scientific Advisory Board and Discusses Priorities for 2024

Date: October 30, 2023

CEVR is pleased to welcome two new Advisors to the CEA Registry’s Scientific Advisory Board:

  • Elena Elkin, PhD, Professor of Health Policy and Management at Columbia University
  • Julia Slejko, PhD, Associate Professor of Practice, Sciences, and Health Outcomes Research at the University of Maryland Baltimore

The Scientific Advisory Board comprises senior scholars in the field of health economics and outcomes research (HEOR). Members provide expert counsel on database improvements, outreach opportunities, and research initiatives. They also select the winner of the annual CEVR Paper of the Year Award. Dr. Elkin and Dr. Slejko are joined by four other esteemed Advisors:

  • Anirban Basu, PhD, Stergachis Family Endowed Director & Professor of Health Economics, University of Washington
  • Mike Drummond, PhD, Professor of Health Economics, Centre for Health Economics, University of York
  • Christopher McCabe, PhD, Professor of Health Economics, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Ankur Pandya, PhD, Associate Professor of Health Decision Science, Harvard University

The Board recently convened to discuss priorities for the CEA Registry in 2024. In the coming year, CEVR will be exploring the potential for A.I. to assist our data collection efforts, with the intention of reducing the lag time between a paper’s publication and its inclusion in our database. We will pursue a number of Registry-assisted research ideas, which may include efforts to inspect trends in the use of various analytic methods, examine whether checklists and reporting standards have improved CEA quality, and evaluate the contributions of CEA practitioners to the COVID-19 pandemic. Finally, CEVR received suggestions for ways we can serve as a trusted source of information about the quality-adjusted life-year, in light of recent initiatives in the U.S. to restrict its application, and brainstormed ways to celebrate the CEA Registry’s achievements over the past 25 years. We anticipate a productive year ahead.

To learn more about the CEA Registry, visit https://cevr.tuftsmedicalcenter.org/databases/cea-registry or email us at cea.registry@tuftsmedicine.org

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CEVR Appoints New Experts to CEA Registry Scientific Advisory Board and Discusses Priorities for 2024

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