Documenting the Full Value of Vaccination: A Systematic Review of Value Frameworks

Date: May 8, 2024
Journal: Value in Health
Citation: Abigail G. Riley, Dominic Voehler, Rachel Mitrovich, Cristina Carias, Daniel A. Ollendorf, Katherine L. Nelson, Patricia G. Synnott, Amanda L. Eiden, Documenting the Full Value of Vaccination: A Systematic Review of Value Frameworks, Value in Health, 2024, , ISSN 1098-3015, (


  • Stakeholders recognize the importance of understanding the full value of vaccination, including benefits and costs to patients, families, and broader society. However, broader value elements are rarely captured in economic evaluations of vaccination. Value frameworks can help decision makers evaluate the full value of vaccination by providing guidance on how to measure and incorporate broader value elements into economic evaluations.
  • In contrast to prior efforts, we searched for both vaccination-specific value frameworks and frameworks for other health interventions potentially relevant to the full value of vaccination. We found that broader value elements were not consistently included across all value frameworks, and vaccination frameworks excluded important value elements such as affordability and research and development costs. Additionally, most value frameworks did not include clear guidance on measuring broader value elements.
  • Our findings identified key methodology gaps for incorporating broader value elements into vaccination value assessments. Future research should focus on developing clear guidelines on how to measure these elements to support empirical assessments of their impact on policy and decision-making.

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