Health Policy Seminar with Don Husereau, BSc Pharm MSc

12:00 on February 16, 2022

“The new CHEERS 2022 Statement: Everything you ever wanted to know about the new economic evaluation reporting guidance (but were afraid to ask)”


Don Husereau, BSc Pharm MSc, is an Adjunct Professor of Medicine at The University of Ottawa. He has expertise in health technology assessment, health economics, innovation and health care policy. As an independent consultant, Don works with private and public sector healthcare and life sciences organizations.  He was a former Director and Senior Advisor for the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health and scientific secretary for the HTAi Global Policy Forum. He is also a former member of ISPOR Board of Directors, faculty for their Health Technology Assessment program, and served as Co-Chair on the HTA Council Good Practices in HTA Working Group. He is the current co-Chair for the Consolidated Health Economic Evaluation Reporting Standards II Good Practices Task Force. Internationally and in Canada, he has advised governments on the design of HTA systems, and in Canada, he has served on National and Provincial Expert Committees.  He is also currently a Senior Associate at the Institute of Health Economics.

The original CHEERS Good Practices Task Force Report contributed significantly to the improved reporting of economic evaluations and has now been updated to reflect recent developments in economic evaluation methods and patterns of reporting. This seminar will be of benefit to all those involved in undertaking or interpreting health economic evaluations. The updated CHEERS 2022 statement and good practices task force report, published in Value in Health January 2022, replaces the original CHEERS guidance. This new reporting guidance will help authors provide accurate information on which health interventions are being compared and in what context, how the evaluation was undertaken, what the findings are, and other details that will aid readers, reviewers and decision makers in the interpretation and use of studies. It can also aid those interested in replicating research findings.

Don Husereau will discuss the main changes from the original CHEERS and how they were motivated. He will also discuss how a patient and public participation group was involved in the revision process, and the resources being developed to support CHEERS 2022, as well as the proposals for its dissemination, including  the involvement of a wide range of journals in the publication of the statement, and the supposed existence of the mythical CHEERS 2022 beer coaster.


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Health Policy Seminar with Don Husereau, BSc Pharm MSc

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