CEVR Appoints HEOR Experts to Scientific Advisory Board

Date: July 26, 2021

We are pleased to introduce the newly appointed Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (CEA) Registry Scientific Advisory Board, an esteemed group of senior scholars in the field of health economics and outcomes research (HEOR). Representing a diverse set of perspectives and research interests, board members will improve the impact and reach of the CEA Registry by providing expert counsel on database improvements, outreach opportunities, and research priorities. They will also select the winner of the annual CEVR Paper of the Year Award.

Members convened for the first time on Friday, July 16, 2021. The inaugural meeting featured a robust discussion around Registry enhancements, applications of the Registry data to important research questions, and strategies for improving transparency in economic modeling. We look forward to working with the Advisory Board to make the Registry more valuable and relevant to the HEOR community.

The current members include:

  • Anirban Basu, PhD, Stergachis Family Endowed Director & Professor of Health Economics, University of Washington
  • Christopher McCabe, PhD, Executive Director and CEO, Institute of Health Economic
  • Mike Drummond, PhD, Professor of Health Economics, Centre for Health Economics, University of York
  • Ava John-Baptiste, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Western Ontario
  • Ankur Pandya, PhD, Associate Professor of Health Decision Science, Harvard University
  • Melanie Whittington, PhD, Associate Director of Health Economics, Institute for Clinical and Economic Review


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