Join our team: CEVR is hiring a Data Scientist!

Date: June 11, 2019

We seek applicants with a strong desire to further develop their research skills in health policy, health services research, and health economics. The Statistician/Data Scientist will work independently to develop and implement data analysis plans and will be responsible for contributing text to study reports and manuscripts.


  • Analyze large databases (e.g., health insurance claims files, survey data, electronic health records) to estimate disease trends, health care utilization and costs, and patient outcomes. 
  • Identify appropriate study designs and develop advanced statistical programs and models, including, for example, descriptive analyses, regression analyses to estimate associations, survival analyses to determine the impact of interventions on survival, and so forth.
  • Determine and program the best way to communicate results, i.e., effective figures and tables to include in talks, reports, and published manuscripts.
  • Contribute to writing manuscripts for publication in academic journals and reports for project sponsors.


  • Completion of a graduate degree in health economics, decision science, biostatistics, statistics, epidemiology, or a related field.
  • At least two years’ experience conducting large database analyses in an academic, think tank, consulting, or similar environment. 
  • Experience manipulating large datasets. Prior experience analyzing claims data and national survey data is desirable.
  • Advanced statistical training and programming skills in SAS, STATA, and/or R.
  • Experience conducting literature reviews and reading academic literature or technical reports.
  • Strong written communication skills, e.g., as demonstrated by a history of major contributions to published reports or manuscripts, and authorship of published or unpublished papers that describe original analytic work.
  • Formal training in data analytics and/or decision science (e.g., cost-effectiveness analysis) is desirable.


To apply for the position, email a resume and cover letter to Julie Crowe

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